Saturday, November 7, 2015

Writing Skill

How to be a good writer?
This question keeps on playing on my mind since months ago. How I wish I can be a good writer.

Being a good writer is a really good thing for me, I love reading; blogs, article, journal, magazine are my things and this gives me a little bit of inspiration on becoming too one day. How I wish!! hewhew.

How did people can be a good writer.

For me people who are really good in writing actually is really good in imagining things, I mean their virtual mind; the thing that is in their mind that comes out to reach through their writing skill.
A person who is good in writing not exactly talks a lot or I can say a talkative person.
But from being good in writing, it can practice them in being a good debater or a speaker right?
And it really can helps you in academic especially and even in your work too. Trust me.
(My focus is on thesis and academic journal writing)
So that is why I have always wanted to improve my skill in writing.

Ok, next is to be a good writer of course you have to be a reader. 
Read books, newspaper, novels or whatever as long as it can widen your vocabulary especially in English.

Everyone have something in their mind; ideas, opinion, criticize, lyrics playing in their head. It is the matter of pulling it out from your head and put it up here and elaborates them with a beautiful line of clause and some creativity. 

Mannnn!!! I really need to widen my vocab. I wish I could use a better word and sentences for this post.

So right now, I am trying my very best which is not that easy for me to express myself in giving or throwing out what is in my mind through this keyboard.

For my future references:

1) Word Stream
2) Skills You Need
3) Mind Tools

Next is communication skill; will continue in my next post.

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