Friday, May 26, 2017


When i was young ive always wanted to be a boy.
I thought being a boy can make things easier.
I though if i were a boy people around me would loved me more, care about me more and they will always being nice to a boy.
I thought if i were a boy my parents would appreciate me more. If i did a mistake they would have tolerate it more.
I thought if i were a boy my aunties and grandmother will like me more me and buy me presents on my birthday.
My thoughts keep on going like that.
I thought if i were a boy, i can be vulnerable. I can do whatever i wanted to do without getting scold by anyone.

That was what i thought when i was young.

Now that i was grateful being a girl,women when i realize that woman is the most amazing creature that Allah has created.

I was more grateful being woman especially when i found you.

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